First Step

Are you new to SOJO, we would love for you to take your first step!

3 steps to getting plugged in

1st Step:

This is a 30 minute class held after service on the second Sunday of each and every month. In this class we will help you take a look around the car. To help you understand why we started SOJO, what we are trying to accomplish, and to help you figure out if you want to go to step #2

2nd Step:

You will come to the Pastor's house with a group of other people to have lunch after service on the 4th Sunday of each and every month. IN this 2 hour class you will eat with the pastor and his family. You will be able to ask any questions you have been wanting to ask and get to know what is going on in the inside of the church, how it operates, where the money goes, and where the church is heading. This is real insider stuff.

3rd Step:

You only get to find out what step three by completing step 2.

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