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$5 Give Club

SOJO wants to catalyze our people to make an impact through the great non-profits in our community!

$5 Give Club

Five dollars can change the world!

Here at SOJO, we want to make an impact not only through the people in our church but through the organizations in our local community. We want to come alongside those in our community who are trying to make a difference. This is why we created the $5 give club. Think about it... How many of us give away $5 almost everyday frivolously. Whether it is a $5 coffee, $5 scratch-off, $5 burger, $5 drink, $5 on amazon or target.  

What if... Every person at SOJO took one of those $5 and pointed it at an opportunity to bless someone they may never see, touch or hear; but, knowing that with the efforts of a couple of hundred people combined we were able to make a true difference in and through our community. We as a church can partner with all types of organizations in our region and bless them so they can continue to bless others in and through our community.

Every month we will expose you to a non-profit in our region who is making a difference. We then will ask everyone to give $5 and we can then bless this organization to help them fulfill their mission in our community. This is a really cool opportunity for us as a church to help those who may not ever come through our doors.

November Partner: Cabarrus Blessing Boxes

A Concord woman found a unique way to lend a hand during the Coronavirus crisis. And her vision came to life long before this pandemic.

Sheryl Kluge created Cabarrus Blessing Boxes. 

They are little boxes filled with nonperishable foods, personal hygiene items and activity books for kids.  All of the items are free for people in need.

There are five Blessing Boxes located across Cabarrus County. One at fire station 4 and 5 in Concord, another at the ZMAX Dragway and One Life Church also in Concord. Another box can be found in Kannapolis at the Cabarrus Health Alliance. And Kluge hopes they’ll soon begin popping up in communities all over the world.

“A woman came up to me tears in her eyes asked if she could hug me. She told me that the box was the only thing that her and her son had as far as food for three of four days,” says Sheryl Kluge. “It’s not just a box that’s sitting here with food, it’s really being used and definitely helping people.”

Kluge hopes if someone takes an item from the blessing boxes, they’ll eventually add some items too.

Your $5 In Action